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"And there's a tangled thread inside my head With nothing on either end"


Cash Cash ft. Bebe Rexha

—Take Me Home (Chainsmokers Remix)

Andrew McMahon




You’re the only friend I need
Sharing beds like little kids
And laughing ‘til our ribs get tough
But that will never be enough

Future Islands



—The Listening

Please excuse me, I’m not thinking clear 
It must just be stress 
But I likely shouldn’t be here, I’m such a mess 

I never really ever know what to say 
When all of my emotions get in the way 
I’m just trying to get us on the same page (Wish I could explain) 

I always get it better right afterward 
When all the wrong impressions are said and heard 
How come I can never get the right words, I need to convey 
Wish I could explain The things that I have to work out 

I don’t feel right 
What has come over me, I’m about 
To lose my mind 

Matthew Mole

—Take Yours, I'll Take Mine


—Something I Need

"You got something I need in this world full of people, there’s one that’s killing me and if we only die once, I wanna die with you"

Is Tropical

—Dancing Anymore

Eric Church


"Funny how a melody sounds like a memory, like a soundtrack to a July Saturday night"

I’m not one for country music, but I really like this song! 

Matt Corby


Air Review